new painting

I am rather excited about a new painting I have recently completed, one that I have been working on for a long time.  The subject is dear to my heart;  the North Western Highlands of Scotland.  It contains all the elements that to me, make this area so special;  a beautiful river (A'Ghairbhe) which runs from Loch Clair into the Kinlochewe River at the foot of Ben Eighe.  The banks of the river are studded with ancient Scots Pines, a remnant of the vast and ancient Caledonian Pine Forest that once dominated the whole area.  In the background is a majestic mountain (Scurr Dubh) lit by the early morning sun.  But the real subject is the light; it is a fresh, bright and frosty morning in January and there is a breathtaking clarity and sharpness in the quality of this early light.  I have been trying to capture this elusive and majical quality in many paintings, but I think I have come a little closer to it with this one. 

The original painting is now sold but prints in the usual sizes are available in the giclee prints section.

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